Capito, Portman Priorities Right

If there is one thing certain to get the hackles of West Virginians and East Ohioans up, it is telling us that trying to do the right thing is, well, wrong. Two ...

Don’t Delay Repair Of State Capitol

Make Tough Decision Soon

Fear Real For Swamp Creatures

It develops the swamp President Donald Trump pledged to drain is quite deep, not to mention full of denizens unwilling to go without a fight. Even before he ...

Repeal, Replace? Then Let’s Deal

Nickles Are Adding Up


Marco Stephen Mitchell, 48, of Wheeling, passed away Wednesday, July 19, 2017, in Illinois. He was born July 29, 1968, the son of Antonietta (Spinelli) and the late ...



Morrisey urges U.S. Supreme Court to overturn gun ruling

State tobacco prevention office cuts all but 1 employee

Do you like the current version of the health care bill?

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