Garden of Month Program Sprouts up

The Moundsville Garden Club is starting a Garden of the Month program. Each month, May through October, members will judge yards in Moundsville, ...

15 DUI-Record Is Unacceptable

How is it possible that the state of Ohio allowed a man with 14 convictions for driving under the influence to get behind the wheel of a vehicle ever ...

Protecting Public From Vicious Dogs

Ensure Parks Are Maintained Efficiently

Celebrating WVU’s 150th Birthday

Happy 150th Birthday, West Virginia University! We have aged well, and the University is barely recognizable compared to the small agricultural college born in ...

Providing Accessible, Affordable Higher Education

Path Open to Creation of New Manufacturing Jobs


The Rev. Walter A. Buckius, S.J., 96, died on April 25, 2017 at Manresa Hall, Merion Station, Pa. He was son of the late Harry Buckius and Mary Lammer ...



Would you pay a fee to visit a state ornational park?

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