Hall, Rea V Looking To Defend Titles

HUNTINGTON — Peyton Hall and Caleb Rea V took their first step towards realization Thursday night as the 71st annual West Virginia Class A-AA ...

Proposal Should Go Up in Smoke

In authorizing sale of the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, for medicinal use, West Virginia legislators had the good sense to stipulate the smokable version of ...

Quick Reaction Always Prudent

Repairing Damage To Coal Industry

Yes, Enough Is Enough

We didn’t have an in-ground or above ground swimming pool when we were kids. Maybe a few of those hard plastic kiddie pools indented the backyard lawn, but they ...

Co-Tenancy Not Forced Pooling

Heroes We Can All Celebrate


John Philip Salva, 63, of Shadyside, OH, Martins Ferry, OH, and Medford, Oregon, died February 18, 2018, in Medford. John was born June 19, 1954, in Martins Ferry, ...



Do you agree with President Trump's idea to arm teachers?

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