Young Heroine Saved Others

Much has been written and said for several months about the courage of women who come forth to tell of being sexually harassed, even assaulted, by powerful ...

Picking Up Trash At Lowest Cost

Eliminate Agency That Isn’t Needed

Tariffs On Steel Overdue

Imagine it is 1942. You are in President Franklin Roosevelt’s Oval Office. He is on the telephone and has a worried look on his face. “But Emperor Hirohito, we ...

Don’t Cut Back on Programs Vital to West Virginians

Grant Is Sought to Upgrade Four Seasons Pool in Moundsville


Nicholas Andres Fagundo, 30, died March 1, 2018, in Marsan, France. He was born Feb. 4, 1988, in Wheeling, WV. Nicholas studied abroad. He loved to travel, and ...



Would tariffs on imports from China hurt the U.S. economy?

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