Library To Feature Area Artists

The Ohio County Public Library will soon be joining Wheeling’s mural initiative.

Four area artists – Anne Foreman, Liz Neuman, Patricia Croft and Andree Weimer – are creating panels representing four major periods in Wheeling’s history (including the Civil War-statehood period) to be displayed in the library’s auditorium. Library officials said that a reception will be held in August at which the artworks will be revealed.

Meanwhile, some other “sprucing up” is under way at the library. Currently, new floor covering is being installed in the auditorium, which draws a lot of foot traffic and frequent visitors.

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Jeanne Schramm of West Liberty shared a clipping from a “Best of America” feature in the April issue of Reader’s Digest magazine. One page of the article features Chelsea Baker, a 13-year-old pitcher for the Brandon Farms team in Plant City, Fla.

According to the article, Baker’s winning pitch is the knuckleball, which she learned to throw at age 7 from the late Joe Niekro, Bridgeport star and West Liberty State College pitcher who gained fame in the Major Leagues.

The article stated, “Since Niekro died in 2006, she (Baker) has not lost a sanctioned Little League game. Last year, her jersey was placed in the Diamond Dreams Exhibit in the Baseball Hall of Fame.”

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People are still talking about the hats worn at Britain’s royal wedding last month, particularly about the bizarre versions of the “fascinator” headwear worn by Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, daughters of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

Personally, I think the princesses – with their over-mascara-ed, raccoon-like eyes; odd skirts and outrageous hats – were dressed for the occasion by their mother, Sarah Ferguson, as her revenge for not being invited to the royal wedding.

Much of the talk and attention has centered on Princess Beatrice’s outlandish hat, which later garnered its own Facebook page and spawned many blog posts worldwide. Folks at our royal wedding-watching party in Wheeling decided that the big thing on the front of Beatrice’s hat was actually a funnel cake!

However, one good bit of news has emerged about the massive millinery faux pas. Reportedly, Princess Beatrice has donated her fascinator – described in one account as a “unique sculptural celebratory headpiece” – to be auctioned online, with proceeds to benefit UNICEF.

Meanwhile, I’m rather envious of a regal tchotchke that my pal, Katie Crosbie, has acquired: a small, solar-powered figure of Queen Elizabeth II, suitable for display on the dashboard of one’s Rolls Royce (or even a compact car). The figurine is technically not a bobblehead since the queen’s well-coiffed head never moves. However – and this is the big attraction – solar power causes the monarch’s hand to move in the royal wave!

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Have you voted yet for the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra in the Chase Community Giving program on Facebook? If not, log on today to help the WSO capture the top prize in this competition.

The Wheeling Symphony Orchestra is in the running to win $500,000 from the Chase Community Giving program. With the half-million-dollar award, the symphony would establish a performing arts series at the historic Capitol Theatre in downtown Wheeling.

The WSO has already won $25,000 from Chase for being among the top 100 vote-getters in the initial phase of the competition. But winning an additional $500,000 would be “sweet music” indeed!

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