Youngsters Sell Treats to Help Dog

The King’s Daughter’s Child Care Center in Wheeling sponsored a bake sale Friday, May 20, for Sir Black Jack, an injured dog who was rescued and housed at the Marshall County Animal Shelter.

The children and their teachers were inspired to help Sir Black Jack after reading an article that appeared in The Intelligencer several weeks ago, asking for donations to help with veterinary care for the golden retriever mix. Since the article ran, he has had surgery to put a steel plate in his hind leg, said pre-kindergarten teacher Linda Criswell, who organized the bake sale along with the help of other staff members.

“We raised $213.50 to help with his surgery,” said Criswell. She subsequently decided to adopt Sir Black Jack; he will become part of her family Saturday, May 28.

She said when reading the article in the newspaper, she got tears in her eyes. Her 15-year-old dog died in February, and the widow of three years also lost her mother in the past year.

“I decided I need this dog as much as he needs me,” Criswell said.

She organized the sale with the children, she said, because she wanted to emphasize the lessons beyond the classroom curriculum.

“Life lessons are just as important: compromising, sharing, communication and showing empathy to name a few. One week’s lesson was all about dogs and how they play a part in our society such as police dogs, helping the disabled and search and rescue.

“In addition, discussions and pictures of Black Jack were incorporated in daily lesson plans,” Criswell said.