Relatives Inducted In W.Va. Hall Of Fame

Longtime educator Allan Connolly of Wheeling and his daughter, Yvette Connolly, now of Cleveland, have been inducted into the West Virginia All Black Schools Sports Association Hall of Fame.

The hall of fame was established in 2006 to preserve the history of black education in West Virginia prior to the 1954 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the Brown vs. Board of Education case. The hall also was created to honor role models and leaders of yesterday.

Allan Connolly was inducted under the lifetime achievement category for his more than 30 years of service as a professional educator in Ohio County Schools. He was a social studies teacher at the former Clay School for several years and later served as an assistant principal at Wheeling Park High School.

Yvette Connolly was inducted under the vanguard honors category which honors the heirs of a member who is a leader and at the forefront of developments in their field. She holds a master’s degree in social work and works as a social worker in the Cleveland area.

In addition, Allan Connolly accepted an award given posthumously to his father. At the recent ceremony, hall officials also honored the late Allan Connolly Sr., who was a longtime principal in Bluefield, W.Va.

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New Martinsville attorney H. John Rogers took his two children to New York City last weekend and, while visiting the Big Apple, they decided to stop by the Occupy Wall Street protest site.

At the Occupy Wall Street enclave, Rogers noticed a scroll on which people were encouraged to record their thoughts. He suggested to his 12-year-old daughter, Madison, that she write something on the scroll. Without hesitation, he said, Madison wrote, “Justin Bieber s….”

Unfortunately, we can’t report the verb that the preteen used to describe the pop singer since our family newspaper has deemed the word unsuitable for print (although it really isn’t that bad, all things considered). We’re not sure whether Madison’s statement pertained to Bieber’s singing ability (or lack thereof) or his bouncy hairstyle, or was a commentary on celebrity culture in general.

Rogers related that his daughter’s comment “got quite a lot of attention” from passersby and media covering the Occupy Wall Street event. The bemused father wasn’t sure whether the attention was directed to “the diminutive Canadian singer” or to the fact that Madison offered a different take on the protest movement.

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Senior Matthew Robinson of Wheeling was crowned 2011 homecoming king at Bethany College earlier this month. Senior Brittani Seeman of Rumson, N.J., was chosen as homecoming queen.

Robinson, a visual arts major, is the son of Marilyn Robinson of Wheeling. He represented Phi Kappa Tau fraternity, which he serves as new member educator. At Bethany, Robinson also has worked as secretary of the junior class council and has been a member of Circle K and the Student Artists Guild.

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