Paisley Foundation Awards Crittenton a Kindermusik Grant

Crittenton Services Inc. has received a gift of $500 from the Brad Paisley Foundation to be used to offer Kindermusik classes for young mothers and their children this summer.

Kindermusik is a program that helps children learn and develop through play and music. The young mothers and their children in Crittenton’s residential program will begin Kindermusik classes with certified instructor Judy Bischof.

The gift will pay for eight weekly sessions for the young mothers and their children, as well as parent kits. The Kindermusik classes foster bonding, communication and interactive play for mothers and their children.

“We are thrilled that the Brad Paisley Foundation recognized this as a worthy project for our girls. The moms and their children will really enjoy the classes and receive many benefits from them,” said Cecelia Marchisio, vice president of Residential Services.

Crittenton’s residential program is a behavioral health residential facility for girls 12-18 in West Virginia, offering the only licensed maternity care treatment facility in the state. Crittenton also serves young women who aren’t pregnant or parenting. The girls in treatment at Crittenton are victims of abuse, neglect, sexual assault, some of whom are battling drug addiction, depression and a variety of other challenges.

For information, call 800-280-2229.