GateKeeper Rocks at Cedar Point

SANDUSKY, Ohio – The landscape of Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky changed again this year, as the new GateKeeper has riders looping high above the main entrance six times at 67 mph.

The new ride, as its name suggests, hangs directly over the park’s main gate, becoming Cedar Point’s 16th roller coaster.

The tallest and fastest wing roller coaster in the world, GateKeeper’s boarding area is located on the site of the former Disaster Transport ride. Cedar Point also removed a longtime park landmark, the Space Spiral, to make room for its new roller coaster.

In about 2 minutes and 20 seconds, the GateKeeper sends riders through numerous turns and rolls. As soon as the trains reach the top of the lift hill, riders are flipped upside down before they come spiraling back down to Earth.

The trains then “thread” riders through two keyholes – built into giant towers that now provide a stunning first impression as visitors enter the park.

Though the steel GateKeeper is the featured attraction this year, Cedar Point’s myriad of roller coasters includes:

– the wooden Blue Streak, built in 1964;

– the steel Cedar Creek Mine Ride, built in 1969;

– the steel looping Corkscrew, built in 1976;

– the steel track-wooden structure Gemini, which was the tallest coaster in the world at the time of its opening in 1978;

– the steel Jr. Gemini, built in 1979;

– the steel Iron Dragon, built in 1987;

– the 205-foot-tall steel Magnum XL-200, built in 1989;

– the wooden Mean Streak, built in 1991;

– the inverted steel looping Raptor, built in 1994;

– the stand-up steel looping Mantis, built in 1996;

– the steel Woodstock Express, built in 1999;

– the 310-foot tall steel Millennium Force, built in 2000;

– the steel Wicked Twister, built in 2002;

– the 420-foot-tall steel Top Thrill Dragster, built in 2003;

– the steel looping Maverick, built in 2007.

Other major thrill rides include the Giant Wheel, the Power Tower, the MaXair, the Skyhawk, the Windseeker, the Cedar Downs Racing Derby and the Sky Ride.

For those looking to cool off with a splash down, Cedar Point allows guests to get drenched on the Snake River Falls and Thunder Canyon water rides. The Shoot the Rapids ride still ensures a wet and wild experience, though perhaps not such a thorough soaking in comparison to Snake River Falls and Thunder Canyon.

Adult thrill seekers likely gained their love for rides during their youth. Cedar Point, therefore, offers two sections – Kiddieland and Camp Snoopy – devoted completely to young children. Little ones are sure to enjoy such attractions as the Bumper Boats, the Snoopy Bounce, the Red Baron, Snoopy’s Space Race and the Frog Hopper.

In terms of dining options, the park offers everything from the all-you-can-eat buffet of the Midway Market, to the sports bar atmosphere of the Gameday Grill, to the 1950s-style Johnny Rockets and Coasters Drive-In establishments.