Hos Help Out in Philippines

Dr. Jesus T. Ho, a practicing physician in Moundsville, and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Ho, have returned from a hectic and productive medical-surgical mission in Masbate City, Philippines, in January.

Masbate City is one of the towns that was hit by typhoon Haiyan as well as the recent typhoon, Ruby.

Dr. Jesus Ho headed a group of 66 doctors and nurses with different specialties. This mission was sponsored by the Association of Philippine Physicians in America, a national association of Filipino doctors from all over the United States and Canada. He is one of the past presidents of the organization. Dr. Carlos Patalinghug from Baltimore is the current president.

This mission also was presented in cooperation with the Masbate Association in America based in New Jersey.

The doctors’ specialties include obstetrics, gynecology, ophthalmology, urology, surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, family practice, radiology, anesthesiology and cardiology.

“The medical mission is a genuine testament of love and humanity their homeland, the Philippines,” the Moundsville couple said.

The doctors, nurses and their wives worked from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the week-long stay. They gave free medical care, medicine and surgical services to the less fortunate focusing on the people that were hit by the two typhoons. Stuffed toys, caps, clothes and other necessities were given to children and adults.

“With no money for health care, many of these people were unable to recover from their injuries,” the Hos said. “This medical mission is their ‘gift’ from Heaven.

“There were around 5,000 patients being treated, including minor and major surgeries, cataract extractions, and other life-saving procedures. After the five days of treating and assessing patients, the missioners felt relief, joy and satisfaction for helping their fellow countrymen and the people of Masbate, Philippines. It was a huge success,” the couple said.

Drs. Jesus and Priscilla Ho thanked Luke Hingson, president of Brothers’ Brother Foundation, who donated a 40- by 20-foot container of hospital beds, mattresses, wheelchairs, examination tables, crutches, walkers, medicine, medical supplies, clothes and various other needs, as well as financial support.

They also thanked Reynolds Memorial Hospital and Jay Prager, “whose generous donation of medicine, vitamins, and financial support contributed to the success of this mission.”

They expressed gratitude to Gov. Rizalina Lanete, of Masbate and her staff for her hospitality, cooperation, and support; Dr. Cynthia Llacer, director of Masbate Provincial Hospital; nurses and volunteers. “Our extended thanks to all missioners for their time and service and also to our friends for their support and continued generosity,” the local couple said.

Dr. Jesus Ho will head another medical mission to Kanlaon Negros Occidental, Philippines, in January 2016 at the request of Dr. Victorino Chin, president of Bisaya Medical Association USA.

This medical-surgical mission marked Dr. Jesus Ho’s 35 years of doing medical missions to different parts of the Philippines. In 1996, Fidel Ramos, president of the Philippines, gave him a humanitarian award for an overseas individual at the Malacanang Palace. The doctor said, “I never get tired of seeing the faces of those whose lives I’ve touched. Knowing that I am able to serve and improve the lives of others is my greatest joy.”