Teachers’ Art Exhibit At Artworks Defies Stereotypes

“We’ll Show Them,” the biennial teacher’s art show at Artworks Around Town, is the featured exhibit for the month of July.

It opens on First Friday, July 3, with an artists’ reception from 5:30-8 p.m. at the gallery, 2200 Market St., Wheeling.

Teachers often have been viewed as people who “failed” in their field of study and therefore have decided to teach instead. That false idea is the impetus behind “We’ll Show Them.”

Many fine artists teach and still produce excellent art work. But they seldom have time to do their own art because they are too busy teaching others to make art.

There is also a group of teachers who teach other subjects than art, but still create art. Artworks is displaying the work of a number of those types of teachers as well.

The third group of teachers in this show are the retired teachers who create art. Artists who are retired, of course, purportedly have more time to devote to their art.

Once the work is created, teachers rarely have the opportunity to display their work. This is exactly why the show was created. Every two years teachers are able to show off their work and display their artistic talents.

Developed and curated by retired art, history and English teacher Judy Minder, the teachers invited are gathered from local elementary, middle and high schools only.

The exhibition so far has never included college professors.

Viewers may be surprised by the variety and skill of the local teaching force. These teachers create paintings, sculptures, jewelry, mixed media, pottery and a variety of other types of artwork.

Teachers who have expressed an interest in exhibiting their work include Sandy Hadsell, Bob Sako, Mary Ann Snyder, Cecy Rose, Jeff Mamone, Lynn Mamone, Joyce Schultze, Lynn Anderson and David Stanley. Included will be many more familiar local artist/teachers as well.

“We’ll Show Them: Those That Teach Can” is always a surprising show for both the participants and the viewers. This is a surprising show even for the curator. It’s similar to opening gifts for a special occasion – you never know what this show will consist of.

The show will be on display through July 31.


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