‘Circle The Cities With Love’ Slated In Wheeling

Mount St. Joseph chapel in Wheeling will be a site for an event called “Circle the Cities With Love” at 3 p.m. next Sunday.

Participants are asked to register online at http://www.circle citywithlove.com/ under the name of Sisters of St. Joseph, Wheeling. http://www.circle citywithlove.com/

Anna Marie Troiani, executive director of St. Joseph Retreat Center, said, “On a blistering hot day last July, over 3,000 people braved the sun and predictions of possible violence to gather on a bridge in downtown Cleveland and in other locations around the city and country to witness for love and for peace on the eve of the Republican National Convention set to begin there the following day. The event, conceived of by Sister Rita Pertuziello, CSJ, was an enormous success with participants still talking about the profound experience felt during the 30 minutes of silence that we stood, hand in hand with neighbor and stranger alike. Since then, many have asked for another event around the election or inauguration.”

As a result, from 3-3:30 p.m. next Sunday, “Circle the Cities With Love goes national and international with events being held simultaneously in locations around the country and now as far away as Australia and Guam,” Troiani said.

“You are invited to join us on this day, either as an individual, or as part of a group,” she said. “If you wish to join as a group, you can either choose a group that is already in existence, or create a new group of your own.”

Existing groups are listed on the website. “If you create a group and invite others to join you, please let them know the name you choose so they can enter it in the field to join,” Troiani added.

She commented, “We hope you will consider joining us as we witness again for love and for peace in this non-partisan demonstration on the Sunday before the presidential inauguration.”