OUE to Offer Dual Degree in Sports Management

ST. CLAIRSVILLE –Ohio University Eastern Campus has announced a new dual bachelor’s degree in Sport & Lifestyle Studies and Applied Management.

With concentrations in sports development and business practices, this course of study is designed to broaden the administrative expertise of students who are interested in the sports administration field.

Jenifer Kellner-Muscar, the manager of advising at the Ohio University Eastern campus, said the program stands out for its various inter-professional educational activities, which are built into the four-year bachelor’s degree.

“This dual degree option will allow those students who are interested in sports (and) recreation to increase the depth and breadth of their knowledge in those fields, while also developing their understanding of management, statistics, finance and general business practices,” Kellner-Muscar said.

“We’re proud of the unique opportunities this curriculum offers our students. The dual focus will help students major in two unique programs while allowing students to finish in four years,” said Lisa Jeffries, recruitment coordinator for the campus.

“This will open up many conversations with students who have interests both in sports and business,” Jeffries added. “The bonus is our regional campus can offer the dual degree program with our affordable rates of around $5,500 per year for full-time students.”

A blend of face-to-face instruction and web-based learning will comprise the instructional component of the two degrees. Highlighted in this dual degree program is a required internship aimed at enhancing the student’s ability to achieve their personal career objectives. Also, the internship experience will enable students to participate in day-to-day management activities for 15 consecutive weeks.

Interested students may contact Ohio University Eastern at 740-695-1720 or email Jeffries at jeffries@ohio.edu.