The Linsly School Presents: “The Greatest Show!”

The Linsly School Presents:

WHEELING — It’s “The Greatest Show” as Linsly presents the 81st annual Extravaganza performance on Friday, March 1 at 8 p.m. in the Capitol Theatre.

With a much-anticipated opening act inspired by the popular musical, “The Greatest Showman,” the Linsly Extravaganza promises to offer entertainment for the entire family once the curtain rises on the Capitol Theatre stage Friday night. The longest running variety show of its kind in the Ohio Valley, the Linsly Extravaganza has become an annual tradition for generations of Linsly alumni, many of whom have children or grandchildren who will perform in their footsteps.

Frank Wilson, head of the Fine Arts Department at Linsly and director of the Extravaganza, explained that this performance truly showcases the talent of the school’s entire student body.

“Once again the audience will enjoy the comedy team, as well as the traditional groups such as the orchestra and stage band,” said Wilson. “The Whistlers are returning for another exciting dance, which is always an audience favorite.”

He also explained that all musical genres are featured in the show, with spectacular routines set to music from such famous shows as “Mary Poppins,” “The Greatest Showman,” and “The Pink Panther.”

“Our performers will demonstrate their talents on instruments as well as in wonderfully choreographed dances,” said Wilson.

One of the most unique features of the Linsly Extravaganza is that every member of the Linsly student body and faculty is involved in making this show a success. From Linsly’s youngest fifth graders, who will make their Extravaganza debut Friday night, to the Senior Class of 2019, who will be taking their last bow on stage, the students and faculty work together to make this performance outstanding every year.

“Seeing our senior students take the stage for their final Extravaganza performance is really special every year,” said Wilson. “This year, the senior act is themed to suggest the fun excitement of an awesome ocean cruise. So, audience members can get ready to sit back and set sail with the class of 2019.”

Director Kelly Soloninka and show choreographer, Greta Foose, begin working with Wilson on every detail of the show, including choreographing the acts, choosing costumes, and selecting music. This process starts very early in the year.

Foose explained that the first performance in the show, commonly known as “The Opener” is one of the most exciting acts to choreograph as it perfectly sets the tone for the entire show and features some of Linsly’s most talented dance students.

In addition to the opening act, the audience will also enjoy a variety of performances including fun novelty acts, talented student solo acts, dance by all of our middle school grades, and instrumentals from the school’s String Orchestra and Stage Band.

Soloninka explained that the Extravaganza is more than a performance. It has become a part of our school’s history that creates a common experience connecting generations of alumni, students, parents, and teachers.

“We recognize the hard work, dedication, and perseverance that is required of students who practice weeks on end for the night of the performance. However, we also recognize that the Extravaganza is so much more than a one night show,” explained Soloninka. “The Extravaganza is a tradition at Linsly that dates back more than 81 years. When generations of alumni return to campus for reunion weekend, one of the common experiences that they reminisce about is the Linsly Extravaganza — a show that continues today. We have students who will perform Friday night on the same stage that their grandparents and even great-grandparents did several years ago. We are proud to continue that tradition.”

For more information about the Linsly Extravaganza or to purchase tickets for the show, contact the school at 304-233-3260.

The Linsly School, located in Wheeling, was founded in 1814 and is the oldest school of its kind west of the Allegheny Mountains. Linsly began the transition from a military school in 1978 and became co-educational in 1988. Linsly, a college preparatory school serving both young men and women in grades five through twelve for both boarding and day students, now has an enrollment of 440 students. The school is accredited by The Independent Schools Association of the Central States.


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