Our Lady of Peace School Preschooler Brings Joy to Others

Our Lady of Peace School Preschooler Brings Joy to Others

WHEELING — Most wouldn’t think a child as young as 3 can change the world, but the staff and students at Our Lady of Peace School do. Just talk to them about preschooler Dayton Parsons, the son of Kayla Clutter and Christopher Parsons, of Wheeling.

For the last two years the bright-eyed, strawberry-blonde cutie has been growing his hair out “for little kids who can’t grow hair,” Dayton Parsons said.

He came to school recently with a sporty new cut and major bragging rights. The pint-sized young man was able to donate five ponytails of hair, 10-inches in length a piece to the Children with Hair Loss program. The organization provides human hair replacement at no cost to children and young adults up to 21, who have medically related hair loss. The program goes above and beyond, knowing that the painful effects of hair loss in a child are more than cosmetic – it’s devastating them socially and emotionally. Hair replacement otherwise could cost as much as $5,000 for a child.

So, why be so conscientious?

Many people would comment to Dayton and his parents when he was a young toddler about his beautiful red hair. His parents were gracious enough not just to accept the compliments, but to explain to their son how some children can’t grow their hair or lose it because of illness.

“He knows his hair is now going to kids who wished they could grow out their hair,” his mom Kayla Clutter said. “He told me he wanted to grow out his hair until he could donate it ‘to help kids feel beautiful again.'”

Amber McUmar of Michael Salon in Weirton was happy to help Dayton fulfill his goal and sent the “beautiful ponies” to the children’s organization.

Our Lady of Peace School Preschool teacher Marybeth Pollack’s eyes well with proud and joyful tears as she tells folks about her student.

“We teach our students even as young as preschool the importance of putting others first,” Pollack said. “For Dayton to not only grasp that concept but to act upon it, showing all of us that bringing joy to someone else is so worth our sacrifices, is a priceless example that we are successfully reaching our students with that message of compassion.”

“As a team (students, staff, family and parish) we are inspired to make our world, community, and school better than we found it,” Principal Maureen Kerr said. “We are teaching our children that we don’t have to be super heroes or win the biggest trophy, but do have to be empathetic and consider how we can make a difference and make our world a better place than we found it.”

“We applaud Dayton and his parents,” Pollack said.

“This act shows great heart and consideration of others,” she said. “They are a shining example to all of us. We can all learn from their selflessness.”

To find out more about Children with Hair Loss and how you can donate go to their website at childrenwithhairloss.us.


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