‘Last Kill and Testament’ at River City

The cast of Mystery Theatre Unlimited’s dinner-theater show “Last Kill and Testament” are, from left, Dustin Heavilin as Ernie Schmendrick, Butch Maxwell as Brice Butterworth, Meghan Ross as Babs Butterworth, Michael Moran as Bruno Butterworth and Josh DeBeni as Brett Butterworth.  

A wealthy entrepreneur has died in a suspicious incident, leaving his dysfunctional family fighting over his estate in Mystery Theatre Unlimited’s all-new original musical comedy show “Last Kill and Testament.” Written by Butch Maxwell and Bert Furioli, the final public performance of the interactive dinner-theatre production  will be presented at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 16, at River City Restaurant in Wheeling.

In the show, the late Branford Butterworth and his brother, Bruno, had together run a company that made a fortune in the toilet business. After Bruno (played by Michael Moran) left the company and disappeared for over 20 years, Branford became known as “The Commode King” and made a fortune running the Potty Palace — “where anybody can sit on a throne.” When Branford is suddenly killed while using the prototype of a new toilet, his family members are left scrambling for their pieces of the family fortune.

Branford’s widow, Babs (portrayed by Meghan Ross), expects to inherit everything, but privately she has reason to fear she may not. She is a lusty elderly woman who enjoys wine, more wine and young men who are tall, dark and handsy.

Her two adult sons have very different reactions to their father’s death. The elder son, Brett (played by Josh DeBeni), is a brooding, aging hipster with no apparent interest in material wealth, while the other son, Brice (portrayed by Maxwell), is an ambitious innovator in his father’s business. He invented the first totally secure toilet, called the “Lock and Unload.”

The funeral ceremony and the reading of the will are to be handled by Branford’s attorney, Ernie Schmendrick (played by Dustin Heavilin), who enjoys gambling and chasing ambulances. As the time for the reading of the will approaches, each character competes for a share of the estate and business.

Several audience members will be chosen to play small parts in the show. All audience members are encouraged to gather and share clues and to question suspects. The characters will interact with the audience in an unscripted pre-show mingle and field questions from the audience near the end of the show.

Performances include audience interaction and the opportunity to solve a murder mystery, along with a full dinner, and take place in a dining room, with actors moving among the tables.

For reservations and information about the performance at River City, which is located at 1400 Main St., Wheeling, call 304-233-4555.

For more information, visit www.MysteryTheatre Unlimited.com.