Elec Simon Of ‘STOMP’ Fame Comes To Wheeling

Elec Simon

Elec Simon — percussionist, humanitarian and innovator –will perform at 8 p.m. Saturday at River City in Wheeling.

Someone existing to be the conductor of his surroundings, Simon was born with rhythm in his soul. As a youth, he had dreams to pursue music but not those of the typical Juilliard and Berklee College type. No, Simon had a blueprint that would eventually mold the soundtrack to his life and send him on a learning curve that only greatness could survive.

He set off for New York City after high school and left small town living behind. He discovered his musical roots. He busked with the best of the best on the tough, yet inclusive streets, and over crowded subway platforms of NYC. He played alongside iconic street performers such as Larry Wright and William Johnson. And then “STOMP” happened.

Over a decade of his life was spent with “STOMP,” touring across the country, experiencing life as a stage performer in one of the world’s best received shows, but even that experience wasn’t enough to feed Simon’s hunger for music. He even played at Carnival in Brazil for three years with notable performer Marivaldo Dos Santos. Yet he craved something more.

Simon lost a dear friend to bullying as a child, and this too was attached to a strong urge to give back to his community. He knew that the subject of anti-bullying could be fused with his music to deliver an inspiring and life-changing message.

He began performing in schools where his unique blend of street wisdom and stage experience allowed him to connect with the children. He created an interactive experience for the children allowing them to “feel” his high-energy message of tolerance, love and understanding. Every Simon assembly includes a full band and a line of buckets for the children’s amusement and involvement. It leaves every child with a positive outlook and open mind.

One of Somon’s most recent accomplishments includes joining the Cleveland Cavalier’s QStix as a soloist, which has continued to bring much notoriety and success. They played NBA 2016 All-Star weekend in Toronto, Canada, and every Cavs home game since. And also just played NBA ALL STAR 2018 in Los Angeles. He is currently touring as percussionist with legendary jazz band Pieces of a Dream who have been at the top of their genre for over 40 years.

He has received countless awards and mentions including being chosen as one of 29 nationally recognized leaders for nationally recognized organization, BMe, a community leader award from Coming Together Stark County and a North Canton chamber community award. Simon also tends to get recognized from his role as Dan the Man in the hit movie “Underdogs” or the array of Cleveland Cavalier commercials he has starred in that have aired globally.

Simon has made it his life’s mission to spread his distinctive sound of revival and inspiration — his life’s music. It’s a rhythm based off nature’s oldest drum; the heart, and it is from the heart that his message flows — teach our children to love themselves and one another and the world will ultimately become a better place.


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