The GeezCats in Concert in St. Clairsville

The GeezeCats Band will perform from 7-9 p.m. Tuesday at the City of St. Clairsville Central Park Complex Amphitheater.

What’s a GeezeCat, you ask? Some cool old guys? Aging hipsters, hepcats? A topnotch premium quality show band from Cleveland, Ohio?

The GeezCats is a quartet of veteran musicians – seasoned players with uncommon vocal capabilities. Featuring the classic songs of the pre-Beatles days of the late ’50s and early ’60s – the Golden Age of Rock and Roll – along with improv-style comedy that includes sight gags, one-liners, skits, bits and costumes, this band is a must see.

Authenticity is the key. The doo wop hits of the Skyliners and the Diamonds sound like the Skyliners and the Diamonds. The Beach Boys sound like the Beach Boys. The Four Seasons songs sound like the Four Seasons.

The band, which stared in the fall of 1999, consists of Ed Sarley, Elbert Webb Jr., Brian Davidson and Guy DeNillo. The act is staged on a theater set in front of a backdrop depicting a cozy apartment scene. With its glowing fireplace, cat family photos, robin’s egg blue kitchen, distant dining room and curiously inviting staircase, it creates a truly unique setting for the show.

On the set, The GeezeCats are seated among stage props that include rocking chairs, stools, end tables with lamps, and their various wigs, whistles, bells and other accessories used in the show.

The audience will love to sing along with songs such as “Fools Rush In,” “Since I Fell for You,” “Spanish Harlem,” “This I Swear,” “All in the Game,” “Since I Don’t Have You” and “Blue Velvet.”

The GeezeCats aren’t just any band – they’re an attraction. They also will perform TV themes, radio jingles and novelty tunes from the era, nostalgic instrumentals and the best doo-wop that ever bopped a bop, all served up with their unique style of tongue-in-cheek comedy entertainment.

The summer concert series will be held each Tuesday through July 29 at the stage area at the City’s Central Park Complex Amphitheater located at 102 Fair Ave..

The concerts have free admission however donations are accepted.

Handicapped parking and restrooms are available, as are concessions.

Concert-goers are asked to bring their own lawn chair or blanket. No alcoholic beverages permitted.

For more information, call 740-695-2037.