Schedule Star to Open Office in Downtown Wheeling

WHEELING — New York City. Chicago. Los Angeles. Seattle. The Robinson Building at 1145 Market St. in downtown Wheeling.

Adolph Santorine could have relocated his Schedule Star athletic scheduling and statistics business — and the approximately 50 full-time administrative and technology jobs he intends to create — virtually anywhere he wanted.

But Santorine chose to move his headquarters right across the Ohio River from Bridgeport to Wheeling.

”I have lived in the Wheeling area for the past 17 years and have kids going to school here, so I felt comfortable moving my headquarters to Wheeling,” he said.

Wheeling Mayor Nick Sparachane and City Manager Robert Herron will be holding a press conference at 10 a.m. today to formally welcome Schedule Star to its Market Street location, scheduled to open Dec. 3.

”Nick Sparachane and Bob Herron did a great job of attracting us to Wheeling,” Santorine said, noting that the business has a very convenient location with adequate parking.

Santorine — whose company maintains satellite offices in the four previously mentioned major U.S. cities — said he will be looking to hire about 50 full-time employees over the next 12-18 months. ”We are looking for people to work in our administrative department, sales department, software development department and Web site development department,” he said.

While declining to identify specific dollar amounts he would be offering employees, Santorine said, ”The salaries we will offer will be significantly higher than others in this market.”

Santorine said his business provides athletic scheduling information to high school athletic directors throughout the country.

Kelly Rine, athletic director at St. Clairsville High School, said he is a big fan of Schedule Star.

”Schedule Star provides the software that enables athletic directors to input scheduling information and statistics to the Internet. It also lets you easily send contracts and e-mail information to other schools regarding any schedule changes that need to be made. It is really a great tool for everyone involved with high school athletics,” he said.

Santorine’s company also operates the Web site ”This is a great Web site for anyone who likes high school sports,” Santorine said.

Santorine is very optimistic about the future of his Wheeling location.

”We are looking forward to a bright future of continued growth,” he said.