Toronto Soldier Gets Call From President Bush

TORONTO — One Army soldier and city resident currently serving in Iraq received a Thanksgiving phone call from an unexpected source — the president of the United States.

Army Sgt. 1st Class Amy Adams, a Toronto resident in the Army Reserve stationed in Iraq, was one of 12 U.S. troops throughout the world to receive a special phone call from President George W. Bush on Thursday.

Toronto resident Elly Adams, mother of Amy Adams, said the president called her daughter in the morning, asked her questions and offered his support.

”(The president) said to her, ‘I understand you go to the Franciscan University of Steubenville, and you want to be a teacher.'”

Although the call was short, Elly Adams said her daughter’s unit also was able to hear the call.

”She was able to put it on the speaker phone so her unit could hear,” said Elly Adams, adding she also had the opportunity to have a conversation with her daughter on Thanksgiving. ”Then we got a call from the White House this morning. They connected me with Amy (after she finished talking to the president). It’s not every day you get a call from the White House.”

Elly Adams said her 28-year-old daughter is on her third tour of duty in Iraq since enlisting in the Reserves 11 years ago.

”This is the third time she’s been over there,” she said. ”She’s been there more (in Iraq) than she’s been here.”

Elly Adams also said she hopes her daughter will be able to come home for a visit early next year.

”She’s a good daughter,” she said. ”She never forgets us.”

Bush made the calls to members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines from Camp David, where he celebrated Thanksgiving with his own family.