Sheriff Honors Young and Old

WHEELING — ”Young guys” and ”old-timers” were honored Wednesday by the Ohio County Sheriff’s Department for their work as deputies.

Cpl. Chester Bise Jr., Sgt. Douglas Ernest and Deputy Kent Lewis were named by Sheriff Tom Burgoyne as ”deputies of the year.” Those lawmen were given $200 and a plaque for their performances in 2007. Also recognized were Lt. Doug Hartley and Sgt. Dave McGlothlin who both recently retired from the sheriff’s department after 20 years of service.

Burgoyne said Bise is a veteran member of the sheriff’s department, and he also serves as the chief of the Clearview Police Department. Bise speaks Spanish making him an asset in illegal immigration investigations and interviews conducted by both the sheriff’s department and the Wheeling Police Department. Bise served in the U.S. Navy, the sheriff said.

Ernest and Lewis are relative newcomers to the sheriff’s department, Burgoyne noted. The sheriff said both men were effective in traffic stops and road patrols last year. He said they are ”proactive” in DUI enforcement. Burgoyne noted both men are graduates of West Liberty State College.

Burgoyne said Bise, Ernest and Lewis are first-time recipients of the award. The sheriff said, since taking office in 2001, he found it increasingly difficult to name only one deputy for the honor.

”There were so many contributing,” Burgoyne said. ”I had a hard time picking one out, so it’s grown. Every year there have been different deputies so it speaks a lot about the quality (of the deputies) and the team approach to law enforcement.”

Burgoyne said Hartley is now employed by the West Virginia Lottery Commission, and McGlothlin works in Ohio County’s home confinement program. The sheriff said he appreciates the efforts of all the men recognized.

”They are top-notch young guys and top-notch old timers heading out the door,” Burgoyne said.