Rockefeller To Present Quilts To Wounded Vets

WHEELING — Twelve combat veterans wounded in the line of duty will be honored with Quilts of Valor Sunday at West Virginia Independence Hall.

In cooperation with the National Quilts for Soldiers Program, Jeremy Harrison of the Wheeling Vet Center, himself a wounded veteran of the Iraq War, organized the local presentation. The quilts will be presented to 10 men and two women who were involved with the Iraq War, Operation Desert Storm, and Beirut, Lebanon.

”Senator Rockefeller is very passionate about veterans’ issues,” Harrison said. ”It’s a big deal to the veterans to be recognized and Sen. Rockefeller likes to be a part of it.”

The Quilts of Valor are handmade by people throughout the U.S. who volunteer their services.

”We have a high population of combat veterans and veterans in general,” Harrison said. ”It’s good to recognize them.”

Harrison received his quilt two years ago after he was injured in Iraq during his 12-month tour in 2003 and 2004 as a combat engineer.

”The quilt helps them find comfort,” he said. ”When you give a person a hug it makes them feel good.”

Anyone interested in donating a quilt can find more information at the Quilts of Valor Foundation Web site: