Charges May Be Reduced After Probation Is Finalized

Tracy L. Keener of Moundsville admitted to felony delivery of a controlled substance Monday, but she may be permitted to plead to a misdemeanor offense if she successfully completes her probation.

Keener, 44, pleaded guilty to the felony charge of delivery of a controlled substance and was sentenced to one to five years in prison Monday. She told Marshall County Circuit Judge Mark A. Karl she had sold prescription drugs inside her 147 Pearl St. home. Karl suspended Keener’s sentence in lieu of three years probation.

According to court records, if Keener successfully completes her probation period, she will be permitted to plead to a misdemeanor offense, rather than the felony charge.

Keener was arrested by Marshall County sheriff’s deputies after law enforcement arranged for a controlled drug buy at her home. The buy occurred Oct. 28 after a confidential informant told police Keener had Lortab pills for sale.

Detective Zachary Allman said Keener sold the informant 10 Lortab pills. Lortab is a pain killer that contains hydrocodone, a schedule III controlled substance.

Keener faced a sentence of one to five years in prison, a fine of up to $15,000, or both, according to West Virginia Code.

Keener was represented in court by attorney Keith W. Hart, while county Prosecutor Jeff Cramer appeared on behalf of the state.