Waterline Repairs To Be Completed

Water service for 28 Peters Run Road residents is expected to be restored this weekend after a waterline break occurred there two weeks ago.

Triadelphia Council members said this week that J&R Excavating of Limestone is conducting the emergency work. During the project, residents’ water has been turned off during morning and afternoon hours. After about 3:30 p.m. each day, it has turned been turned back on. And bottled water has been delivered to residents who asked for it, said Mayor Kenny Murphy.

After the initial break, it was discovered there were several holes along the 1,300-foot line. Most of the 2-inch line is being replaced with 4-inch line, which is expected to give residents improved water pressure.

Residents Kay and Bernie Schultz, who have lived in their Peters Run Road home for 22 years, said the workers have been very polite.

“It’s not been bad. We’ve had no problems with any of it,” Schultz said, while taking a break from sweeping her property Thursday afternoon.

She noted the section of line in front of her home was particularly tricky for workers, as sewage and gas lines run close to the waterline. Schultz said she purchased two large containers to fill with drinking water each night. She also filled her bathtub nightly for other uses.

“Everybody around here got a case of water,” Bernie Schultz noted.

Repaving of the removed sections of road is expected to be done at a later date.

Councilman Neal Carr said four more shutoff valves also will be installed, bringing the total to six. Since the work is being done on an emergency basis, Murphy did not have a cost estimate.