Testimony Complete In Yocum Trial

Testimony concluded Thursday in the trial of James Franklin Scott Yocum, who is charged with wanton endagerment involving a firearm.

Judge Mark A. Karl recessed court at 4 p.m. and scheduled the trial to continue at 1 p.m. Monday with closing arguments and instructions to the jury.

Yocum, 45, of Cameron is accused of discharging a firearm in the direction of his brother-in-law on Jan. 3. The incident allegedly occurred on Dolin Lane in Marshall County.

Yocum testified on his own behalf Thursday morning. Among the other witnesses was Marshall County sheriff’s detective Sgt. Ross Lockhart, who filed the initial criminal complaint against Yocum. In that complaint, Steve Rice, Yocum’s brother-in-law, alleged to law enforcement that Yocum fired a shotgun at Rice’s feet and another round into the woods behind him.

Jury selection in the case took place Wednesday morning, and the jury began hearing from witnesses that afternoon. Witnesses were called throughout the day Thursday as well. Yocum was indicted by a Marshall County grand jury on the felony charge in March.