Woman Robbed In Her Own Home

The Brooke County Sheriff’s Department is investigating an incident late Monday in which two armed men broke into the home of a Colliers women while she was there.

Brooke County Sheriff Rich Ferguson said the woman reported two men entered her Pennsylvania Avenue home at about 11:41 p.m. and fled with her purse and some prescription medication.

Ferguson said the woman said one of the men was carrying a gun and the other had a tire iron but didn’t harm her.

He didn’t know if they verbally threatened her.

The woman said the two wore something to conceal their faces, ragged shirts and blue jeans and fled in a vehicle. He said the woman indicated she wasn’t able to describe the vehicle because it was dark.

Ferguson said the woman reported the door to her home had been kicked in on an earlier occasion, but it wasn’t clear if anything had been taken. He encouraged anyone with information about the robbery to call the sheriff’s department at 304-527-1430 or 304-737-3660.