FOP Group Picks New Officers

Giving support to the local police department is the primary goal of the Fraternal Order of Police Association in Wheeling.

“We like to be considered backup and support for our local FOP … we like to hold dinners and events with the FOP to show our support for them,” said Brenda Miller, vice president-elect of the association.

The group which currently consists of 102 business and community leaders meets about four times a year. Its annual election of officers was held Wednesday evening during a dinner held at Generations Restaurant & Pub in Wheeling.

The newly elected officers include: John Hepburn, president, Brenda Miller, vice-president, Harold Thomas, treasurer, and William Busick, secretary.

John Cox, president of the FOP Association, said the organization was formed 60 years ago by the late Andrew Zaleski of Wheeling. He said they continue to give support to the Wheeling FOP and a variety of events held throughout the year including: Shop with a Cop, St. Baldrick’s Day, and a local scholarship fund.

Harold Thomas of Wheeling, who has been a member of the organization for 30 years and is the association’s treasurer, said, “It is very important that we give support to our local FOP.”