Marines Going to Afghanistan

More than 100 local soldiers with the Moundsville U.S. Marine Corps Reserve unit are being deployed to Afghanistan.

A farewell ceremony was held this week for members of the Kilo Company K, 3rd Battalion 25th Marine Regimen at the reserve base in Moundsville. Most of the members of Company K are from West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio, according to the Marine Corps News Room.

Family, friends and area residents gathered to show their support to the soldiers and wish them a safe return.

According to Marine Corps Maj. Alexander Snowden, the reservists’ primary duty will be to help rebuild communities in Afghanistan.

Snowden said the “insurgency” in Afghanistan “has placed fear in the local populous.”

About 1,000 men and women, including members of the Moundsville unit, will first report to Camp Pendelton, Calif., before going overseas to both Afghanistan and Iraq, said Snowden.

While at Camp Pendelton, the Marines will get more specific training for their mission, said Snowden.

The deployment is expected to last one year.