WLU Enrollment Up

Students at West Liberty University are looking to get ahead this summer, and summer enrollment already has seen a significant increase.

According to Dr. John McCullough, provost for West Liberty, enrollment is about 45 percent higher thus far this summer than last year with more students registering every day.

“We are well on our way to the largest summer enrollment in West Liberty’s history,” he said.

McCullough credits the addition of the university’s Highlands Center as the catalyst for increased enrollment. All summer courses will be offered at The Highlands except for those that are lab or physical education activity courses. As of May 10, the start date for the first summer session, 788 students had enrolled in all three of the summer sessions. That is compared to a total of 534 students in 2009.

Officials at the university expect this year’s numbers to increase even more as the deadlines for application for the second and third sessions approach, and they cite the easy access of the Highlands Center for that increase.

“I’ve spoken with a number of students who in the past had not taken summer courses, but they seem to be attracted to the convenient location to get ahead on the their college education,” said Rhonda Tysk, campus administrator enrollment services. “We’re so pleased that the Highlands Center is making a West Liberty Education more accessible.”

The university will offer more than 70 classes over the course of the three sessions.