School Work Nears Finish

When applying for funding for the Triadelphia Middle School construction project, state officials told Ohio County Schools representatives it could not be completed due to the school’s age.

Local officials, however, persuaded the state School Building Authority it was feasible, and less than two months after the project began work is almost finished on the $331,825 initiative. Plans called for a complete redesign of the front entrance and relocation of the principal’s office from the second floor to the first floor. The SBA agreed to contribute $594,000, but it appears the project will be completed under that initial budget.

“It is a testament to our staff and the contractor (JD&E Construction of Wheeling) that we were able to get this done so quickly,” said Ohio County Schools Superintendent George Krelis, adding the project is also under budget.

Wendy Scatterday of Schamu, Machowski Greco Architects in Wheeling gave board of education members a tour of the school Monday. She said the project will be completed in the next 10 days – before students return to school.

In addition to the relocation of the principal’s office, upgrades were made to the ventilation system and the walls received a fresh coat of paint. A reading area was created on the third floor to allow students to read and relax in their spare time. Additionally, the entire school will be cleaned before class is in session later this month.

The relocation of the principal’s office also allowed for the creation of a conference room, which the school previously lacked, Krelis said.

“We used to have to hold meetings wherever we could find an empty room, so this makes things a lot easier,” he said.