DeWine Seeks To Overturn ‘Obamacare’

If Ohio voters elect Republican Mike DeWine as their new attorney general on Nov. 2, they can expect him to sue the federal government immediately upon taking office in January.

“Obamacare is a jobs killer for Ohio,” DeWine said during an exclusive interview with The Intelligencer. “If I am elected, the first thing I will do in office is to join the lawsuit against it.”

DeWine, who served as Ohio’s Republican U.S. senator from January 1995 to January 2007, is trying to unseat incumbent Democratic Attorney General Richard Cordray. DeWine believes the federal health care law adopted this year is unconstitutional, noting several other attorneys general from other states have filed lawsuits against the plan.

“I don’t know of any case that stretches the commerce clause this far. The federal government should not be able to force people to buy a product,” he said of the requirement that everyone have health insurance.

DeWine said Ohio has adopted an “anti-business” attitude, noting “government should be willing to work with business.”

“We will enforce the laws, but there needs to be better balance,” he said.

The former U.S. senator – who lost his re-election bid to Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, in 2006 – also said the attorney general needs to act against corruption when he or she sees it.

“I think the attorney general needs to be above politics, once elected. You should do your job and call it as you see it,” DeWine said.

Though he stopped short of endorsing the Arizona immigration law, DeWine said undocumented immigrants are responsible for much of Ohio’s drug activity.

“Law enforcement will tell you that the bulk of illegal drugs coming into Ohio are coming from Mexico,” he said, noting most of these transporters are undocumented.

Despite current budget and unemployment problems, DeWine believes Ohio still has a lot of potential for future growth.

“We have water, natural resources like coal and natural gas, highways,” he said. “Our best days are ahead of us.”

In explaining his desire and qualifications to be the Buckeye State’s attorney general, DeWine said he began his career in elective politics as Greene County prosecutor.

“Being a county prosecutor gives you perfect preparation for being attorney general,” he said. “I dealt with rape victims and sexual abuse victims.”

Representatives of the Cordray campaign did not respond to requests for comment.