Penitentiary Tours Resume Saturday

Tours of the former West Virginia Penitentiary will resume Saturday.

Daily tours will begin at 11 a.m., with the last tour for the day to start at 4 p.m. The tours last about 90 minutes. The Moundsville Economic Development Council, which operates the facility, will be offering a discount price of $5 for this Saturday and Sunday.

The daily tours continue through Nov. 30, and are available every day except Mondays. This past year more than 25,000 individuals took part in the daily tours.

In addition, the MEDC offers night tours including a Private Paranormal Investigation which are well received. In turn the tours play a part in helping the areas economy.

Those attending Saturday’s tour will have an opportunity to purchase and have signed a new book written by Summersville author Sheri Brake. The book is titled, ”The Haunted History of the West Virginia Penitentiary, Afterlife With No Parole.”

In the book, Brake highlights the dark and violent history of the prison which has drawn international interest via the Discovery Channel, SyFy Channel, the Travel Channel and other outlets. The book enlightens readers on the dark history of the gothic sandstone fortress from its beginning in 1866 to the closing in 1995, along with many of the ghostly sightings that have occurred on the premises.

Brake is no stranger to history or the paranormal and blends both in her third published book. The book begins its 618 page journey with highlights of the West Virginia Penitenitary’s bloody frontier history, early lynching’s and execution’s in the state of West Virginia, the Civil War and the formation of the states.

The book touches on the Grave Creek Mound, the building of the Penitentiary and some of the escapes and escapades of various inmates.

Brake owns and operates Haunted Heartland Tours which is listed in the Top 10 Best Ghost Tours in the nation. She has filmed with the Travel Channel, the SyFy Channel, PBS and ABC and often consults with producers on paranormal television shows. She is a monthly columnist for West Virginia’s largest independent publication, Two-Lane Livin’ and writes the Fireside Folklore column on the Mountain State’s haunts.

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