Retiring Employees Honored

Ohio County Schools on Tuesday said goodbye to 27 retiring employees who were thanked for a combined 800 years of service to the school system.

Superintendent George Krelis welcomed retiring administrators, teachers and service personnel to the Ohio County Board of Education Office for a reception in their honor. He thanked them for their many years of work and their efforts to offer the best education possible to Ohio County children.

“You’ve all done so much great work over so many wonderful years,” Krelis said. “I want to thank you for what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve done for the children of Ohio County. It’s meant a lot to Ohio County Schools and the students. We hope you leave with fond memories of your time here.”

Krelis is actually one the employees retiring. His last official day as superintendent is June 30. Ohio County Schools Deputy Superintendent Dianna Vargo will take over for Krelis upon his retirement. She thanked Krelis for his nearly four decades of service to Ohio County Schools.

“He’s had an amazing, 38-year career in Ohio County Schools,” Vargo said. “So many excellent educators have learned so much from him, and he should be so proud of all that he’s achieved. We wish him well in his retirement.”

Each employee received a certificate congratulating them on their retirement and wishing them a happy future.

The Ohio County Schools retirees for the 2010-11 school year are Kathleen Bock, Leo Boissy, Elizabeth Davis, James DeVandra, Kathy Finsley, James Freeland, George Krelis, Kathryn Krelis, Mary Ann Kurz, Elizabeth Martin, Kim Mattis, Jenny Matz, Carolyn Menard, Pamela Mitchell, Anne Paul, Samuel Peppler, Andrew Railing, Betty Weaver, Marnie Williamson, Phyllis Amrhein, Mary Ann Armstrong, James Krempasky, Louanne Mottle, Terrance Murphy, Edward Nowakowski, Candia Riddle and Lonnie Robinson.