Commission to Help Pay for Waterline Project

OHIO COUNTY – Later this summer, Bear Rock Road residents Debbie Sine and Kelly Ernest may get to take more than just a cold, two-minute shower now that it appears a new waterline may be coming their way.

During a regular Ohio County Public Service District meeting Wednesday, Ohio County Administrator Greg Stewart said the county commission was willing to pay for 1,600-feet of pipe needed to create the waterline for about eight residents. The commission stepped up to help after PSD Manager Kerry Marshall recently revealed the PSD did not have the funding, estimated at about $20,000, to do the project. PSD workers will install the line.

For Sine and Ernest, Marshall’s no-money news was shocking, as they had been waiting three years to receive service and had already installed their own lines in preparation to tap into the PSD line. Three summers ago, the couple asked the commission for help because their water wells had dried up because of dry weather. And each summer during stretches of hot, dry weather, their water source often turned into a trickle at the tap.

“If they’re going to pay for the pipe, we can get something going,” Marshall said, noting he still needs four more property easements.

He later said the work likely would get under way by the end of July. Sine and Ernest thanked the PSD board members, Daniel Dickinson and Robert Luchetti, along with Marshall and Stewart. PSD board member Vic Perrone was not in attendance.

“There’s a lot of fill from where they put (Interstate 70) in,” Ernest said, adding some higher elevations may be rocky because of this.

Ernest said he would help Marshall get the final easement paperwork from his neighbors. Marshall warned the couple that his PSD workers would be installing the line while also doing their regular maintenance work on the system. This means if there is a waterline break, the workers must stop installing the line to fix the rupture.

Stewart said the commission’s portion of the funding likely would be taken from its capital improvement fund.

The PSD board will next meet at 7 p.m. June 20 at the board office, 5383 National Road, Triadelphia.