Waterline Still Sought

Bear Rock Road residents are still waiting for a waterline to be extended to their area, but Ohio County Public Service District Manager Kerry Marshall said the PSD currently does not have the money to start the project.

Two summers ago, resident Debbie Sine and a couple other residents expressed concern during an Ohio County Commission meeting about their water wells drying up, noting they hoped a waterline could be extended to their area.

Commissioners said such a project would be handled by the PSD. Marshall said the project would cost $20,000 or more. In January 2011, Marshall said he hoped to have the project under way in spring 2011. Now a year later, Marshall said he still hopes to start the project this summer. But now, he said, there is no money for the project.

He noted the PSD is seeking a 17-percent water rate increase for general purposes, but he hopes any money leftover could be used to fund the waterline project. On average, the rate increase would cost a residential user $7 more a month, he said.

”We need a rate increase just to pay our bills,” Marshall.

Sine said Wednesday she and other neighbors already paid for their portion of the work to install lines on their respective private properties in preparation to tap into the future PSD line.

”We already dug up our yard … now it’s just sitting there,” Sine said. We’re absolutely ready – all you have to do is look at our yard.”