Davis Is Mountain Party Candidate

New Martinsville resident Raymond Davis is seeking West Virginia’s 5th District delegate seat as a Mountain Party candidate.

Davis first announced in November he would run as an Independent for the state’s 1st Congressional District seat. He said obtaining the necessary signatures to run as an Independent proved difficult, and he instead opted to join the Mountain Party and seek a House of Delegates seat in 2012.

The submission of 1,799 valid petition signatures is required in West Virginia to run as an Independent candidate in West Virginia’s 1st Congressional District.

In comparison, filing as a candidate with the Mountain Party for the House of Delegates requires no petitions.

“I tired to run as an Independent, but it was much easier to get on the ballot with the Mountain Party,” Davis said. “If the Mountain Party got enough good candidates, they might actually win some offices.”

Davis, 37, said he has lived in West Virginia since age 9.

Currently unemployed, he holds an associate’s degree from West Virginia Northern Community College, a bachelor’s degree from West Liberty University, and a master’s degree in international business from Salem International University.

“There’s stagnation in our local government,” he said. “There are too many politicians not really working to help the citizens of West Virginia. They are serving out their life in office.

“Unemployment is always high. There are never any jobs in the state. All the politicians seem to care about are the coal, oil and the gas industries. They don’t seem to want to create jobs in manufacturing technology or other business areas.”

He said jobs and repairing West Virginia’s infrastructure are his priorities.

“I want to reduce or eliminate state income tax,” Davis added. “I would work to reduce poverty in West Virginia, too. We have too many children living in poverty.”

Davis would be the first and only Mountain Party candidate elected to the House of Delegates. He isn’t certain with which party he would caucus.

“I haven’t thought of that,” he said. “I just want to get things done. It seems Democrats are in control, and it seems I would have to caucus with them to get anything done. I’m not one who would shut out the other side. I’m more of a moderate when it comes to political views.”