Trial to Begin in Deadly Crash Case

A trial for the Wheeling man charged with involuntary manslaughter in an October traffic accident is set to begin Monday.

David Schwing, 19, of RD 3, Wheeling, is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the wake of an accident that resulted in the death of 19-year-old Arthur Woods. Woods died from injuries sustained in the crash, which happened Oct. 16 on U.S. 250 just south of Moundsville.

Investigators believe Schwing was driving a 1999 Dodge Neon when he attempted to pass a vehicle in a no-passing zone and lost control because he was traveling at a high rate of speed. As Schwing’s vehicle crested a hill, it came face-to-face with a van driven by Penny Rouse, no age given, also of Marshall County.

The Neon’s passenger side, where Woods was sitting, struck the van. Woods was pronounced dead at Reynolds Memorial Hospital in Glen Dale. Schwing and Rouse were transported to Wheeling Hospital.

Rouse and the driver of the vehicle Schwing was attempting to pass provided statements to deputies, who also reconstructed the accident within a few minutes of arriving on scene.

Investigators said roadway marks indicated a sideways slide, and the Neon had struck a guardrail on the opposite side of the road, indicating it was out of control.

Schwing has been free on $5,000 bond, and a motion to dismiss the charges was denied. A bench trial is set for Monday in Marshall County Magistrate Court. Prior to the trial, Magistrate David Buzzard will visit the scene of the collision with counsel and Schwing at Schwing’s request.