Bond Is Modified For Alleged Dog Killer

WHEELING – Ohio County Circuit Judge James Mazzone on Friday modified the bond of a man accused of killing a small dog from $25,000 cash to $100,000 corporate surety.

Anthony Doyle, 27, of Wheeling has been lodged in the Northern Regional Jail in Moundsville on a felony charge of animal cruelty since Aug. 5. City police arrested him that evening for allegedly beating an 18-month-old Shih Tzu to death at a Wheeling Island home.

Doyle’s attorney, Randy Gossett, requested Mazzone reconfigure the bond to $15,000 personal recognizance, with the remaining $10,000 being posted by a bondsman.

“I think that is in excess of what is appropriate for this,” Gossett said of the $25,000 cash bond. “While the facts of the case as alleged by the state are fairly disgusting, it still shouldn’t affect the bond the way it has.”

Gossett noted Doyle is a lifelong Ohio Valley resident, has served a tour of duty in the Middle East and has never been convicted of a felony.

“This matter is extremely violent,” Ohio County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Shawn Turak said. “Protection of the public is a very critical component of bond.”

Turak acknowledged Doyle’s military service, but pointed out he was arrested once at Fort Knox, Ky., and another time for drinking alcohol while on active duty.

“It goes without saying, the allegations are such that they raise a concern for public safety,” Mazzone commented.

Mazzone ordered Doyle, if released on bond, be placed on monitored home confinement and wear an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet. He also ordered Doyle have no contact will Jill McPherson, the dog’s owner. McPherson was present in the court room Friday, wearing a T-shirt displaying the dog’s picture and the message “Justice For Toby.” She was among a crowd of supporters wearing the same T-shirt during Doyle’s preliminary hearing in Ohio County Magistrate Court earlier this month.