C&D Disposal Technologies Landfill to Close Temporarily

The managing partner of the C&D Disposal Technologies landfill agreed Thursday to temporarily close the facility pending its sale to Delaware-based United Waste.

Joe Scugoza met with Jefferson County Assistant Prosecutor Emanuela Agresta and Jefferson County Health Department Administrator Bruce Misselwitz behind closed doors for 90 minutes before making the temporary agreement official in an open court hearing before Jefferson County Common Pleas Court Judge David Henderson.

According to Agresta, the C&D landfill operations will be closed and signs will be posted at the entrance to the landfill declaring the landfill is closed.

“The landfill will be allowed to accept metal and masonry, and the masonry must be used within 24 hours. Nothing else can be accepted at the landfill,” said Agresta.

“Mr. Scugoza will provide the health department information within the next seven days on waste material accepted at the landfill from December until July 31 in order to determine the tipping fees owed the health department for the past eight months,” said Agresta.

“C&D also also agreed to continue to abate the nuisances at the landfill, which is primarily leachate and odors.

They have agreed to work to eliminate those nuisances,” said Agresta.

Agresta said her legal case against the landfill may be consolidated in the future with a case filed by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the Ohio Attorney General’s office and assigned to Jefferson County Common Pleas Judge Joseph Bruzzese.