Erosion Control, Covered Bridge Installed Beside Community Park

A project to install erosion control measures in a stream beside the town of Triadelphia’s community park is complete.

Portions of the stream’s banks were worn away during the Ohio River and creek flooding of 2004, leaving town officials concerned additional erosion would occur with each heavy rainfall. To prevent additional damage, gabion rock baskets were installed by Templin Trucking and Excavating Construction of Triadelphia for $13,900.

Town workers also built a covered footbridge across the stream – which feeds into Little Wheeling Creek – connecting the park with a basketball court. The footbridge also has fencing along the railing to keep small children from accidentally falling into the stream. The entire area is fenced in, a move that Mayor Kenny Murphy said will make the park and court area safer for families and children to use.

”Now parents don’t have to worry about their children running near Route 40 or the back alley,” he said.

Murphy noted the court remains open all hours of the day, but at dark the park is closed and locks are used to keep people from entering the park or using the footbridge. He said the nighttime closure is necessary to try and prevent vandalism at the park, which features a picnic shelter and adjoining kitchen and bathroom building.

”I think it worked out great,” Murphy said, noting some of the soil lost from erosion was backfilled behind the gabion rock baskets. ”It will last a long time. We’ve already had a couple hard rains come down and it worked well.”

Delegate Jack Yost, D-Brooke, and former Delegate Tim Ennis secured $15,000 in grant funding for the erosion project and fencing, and about $6,000 in remaining funds was used for the foot bridge. Railroad rails were used for the foundation of the bridge and were donated to the town by PPG.

Murphy noted the park area also is handicapped accessible.