Judge Being Treated For Bleeding At Hospital

WHEELING – Senior Status Judge Arthur Recht said he felt “pretty good” Monday, despite remaining at Wheeling Hospital since arriving at the emergency room with internal bleeding days earlier.

Recht went to the emergency room Friday morning after discovering the bleeding, which has since stopped. Since being admitted, he has undergone blood tests, as well as other procedures.

Doctors considered cauterization, but they were unable to locate the wound after the bleeding ceased.

Doctors have discussed surgery as a last resort, Recht said, but he is hopeful the bleeding will not resume and he will be released from the hospital today or Wednesday.

“I feel pretty good,” the judge said Monday. “I don’t know if they’re going to operate, but I feel all right.”

Recht, who turned 74 years old in February, has been treated for the same ailment within the past year. The previous spell did not require hospitalization, however. The bleeding this time was more extensive, Recht said.

The judge retired from the Circuit Court bench in January and was subsequently granted senior status. He has continued to preside over the case of former Wheeling police officer Matthew Kotson after his successor, David Sims, recused himself due to his former position as an Ohio County commissioner.

All proceedings in the Kotson case, including a pretrial hearing that was scheduled for 9 a.m. today, have been placed on hold. Kotson’s trial is scheduled for Sept. 4.