Shooting Victim Recovering

West Virginia State Police are tracking three suspects and a fourth “person of interest” in a Sunday night shooting in Littleton, while the victim continues to recover in a Morgantown hospital.

Sgt. J.E. Shriver of the Hundred detachment identified Nicholas E. Spencer, 29, of Massachusetts as the man who was shot while visiting family at a home near the former railroad bed above U.S. 250. Shriver said Spencer’s condition has been upgraded from critical to stable and he is “up walking around.”

Police aren’t releasing the identities of the suspects, but Shriver said they are not from the local area or from Massachusetts.

Shriver noted investigators believe they know the motive behind the shooting, but they are not releasing that information, either. He also wouldn’t say whether Spencer was the intended target or if the suspects were after someone else inside the house.

Police are confident, however, that the shooting was not a random act and Shriver said there’s no reason for residents to fear for their safety.

“The suspects were definitely targeting the residence they were at,” he said.

According to Shriver, a late-1990s model Chevrolet, possibly a Monte Carlo, or a Ford Thunderbird, arrived at the residence about 9:30 p.m. Spencer reportedly spoke with the occupants of the car and was walking back to the home he was visiting when a black man got out of the vehicle with a small-caliber pistol and shot Spencer three times, the bullets striking him in the liver, chest cavity and back.

The suspect then returned to the vehicle, which reportedly contained several other people. As the car pulled away, at least four more shots were fired from the vehicle toward the residence.