Bear Rock Road Work Under Way

About 400 feet of new waterline has been installed in the Bear Rock Road area, but more work is to be done before residents in the area receive public water.

Kerry Marshall, Ohio County Public Service District manager, said his workers, to date, only have been able to perform one day of work on the project. But during that day about 400 feet of pipe was installed on the future 1,600-foot line.

When the project was initiated, Marshall said his employees could only work on the line when they were not performing their other duties, including repairing waterline breaks on the PSD system.

”Hopefully, we’ll get back out there this week,” Marshall said. ”We’ll keep the project going. Hopefully before winter they will have water.”

While PSD workers are performing the work, the Ohio County Commission agreed to pay for the cost of the pipe, estimated at $20,000.

About eight households will benefit from the new line.

Three years ago, residents asked the commission and PSD for help getting water service, as their water wells had dried up during hot summer weather.

The residents were forced to conserve water when it was available, and buy it when it was not.

Residents installed their own lines on their respective properties in preparation for tapping into the PSD line.