Beau Biden Stumps in City

The son of Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday a Mitt Romney victory would mean immediate budget cuts for military veterans.

“President Obama has made a multi-generational commitment to our warriors. Only 2.3 million Americans have served us in the two long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thousands of men and women veterans have come home with scars we have not yet seen. Our commitment to our veterans must be kept,” said Beau Biden, an Iraq war veteran.

“One year ago Gov. Romney gathered a group of military veterans together to discuss his voucher health care program. That would lead to the privatization of the veterans’ health care,” said Biden.

The Delaware attorney general met with Obama supporters and reporters at the Obama re-election campaign headquarters on South Fourth Street.

“I believe Romney is a patriotic American. But he has chosen to ignore veteran issues and he has chosen a running mate who also has chosen to ignore our veterans. Congressman Ryan enthusiastically supported the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and at the same time he supports tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans,” Biden said.

“The Romney-Ryan tax cut plan will give $800 billion in cuts to Americans who are making $1 million a year. And $400 billion will go to 120,000 households in America. At the same time the Romney-Ryan budget plan will cut $11 billion to the Veterans Administration.

“We have the greatest generation of our lives who are now in their golden years. I don’t think Romney and Ryan get it. The consistent theme of their campaign is the privatization of government programs.”

According to Rob Diamond, vote director for the Obama for America National Veterans and Military Families, “Romney is someone who will shoot first and aim later.”

“I will be spending the next two days in Ohio with Beau Biden because this is an important state. Our veterans face a stark choice this November. Americans will start casting absentee ballots in the next few days. President Obama understands the situation we are facing. Under his leadership more Al-Qaida have been killed or captured than under any other administration,” Diamond said.

“I take this election very personal because I am a disabled veteran. The Veterans Administration has helped me to return to school and has helped me with my medical issues. Mitt Romney said he doesn’t have to worry about 47 percent of Americans. I am proud to be part of the 47 percent. Our president will take care of our veterans. He understands the veterans,” said Steubenville resident Ray Martineau.

Also speaking at the press conference was state Sen. Lou Gentile, D-Steubenville, who said the residents of Eastern Ohio have answered the nation’s call.

“We have an obligation to care for our veterans upon their return. Our veterans need job opportunities in Ohio. We must do everything we can to provide our veterans with education and training for a job,” Gentile said. “President Obama understands we need to find more jobs for our veterans. President Obama will make sure benefits are available for our veterans.”