Church to Host Christian Apologetics Scholar

The Church of Christ, 1310 National Road, Wheeling, invites the community to a series of addresses by scholar, writer, teacher and preacher Charles Pugh on the central burning issue of our day: God, America, and the clash of worldviews.

The topics and times of Charles Pugh’s messages are:

– Sunday, Sept. 30, 9:30 a.m.: “The Most Urgent Question Humanity Will Ever Confront”

– Sunday, Sept. 30, 10:30 a.m.: “I Dreamed I Saw America on Her Knees”

– Sunday, Sept. 30, p.m.: “The Case for the Christian Faith”

– Monday, Oct. 1, 7 p.m.: “The Restoration of Hope for America”

After the morning message on Sunday, a luncheon will be provided in the church’s Fellowship Hall located at the rear of the parking lot behind the main building.

Pugh is director of the Warren Christian Apologetics Center in Vienna, W.Va. He has studied, written, and taught in the field of Christian Apologetics for more than 35 years. He is in his 45th year of preaching the Gospel of Christ. He is one of the founders of West Virginia School of Preaching, Moundsville, where he has chaired the field of Apologetics studies since the the school’s beginning. He regularly teaches courses on the existence of God, the divine origin of the Bible, and the deity of Jesus Christ.

Born in Marietta and raised in Parkersburg, Pugh was a charter staff member of the Institute for the Advancement of Christian Theism, a theistic center founded in 1978 by Thomas B. Warren. He and his wife Sharon live in Vienna and are the parents of two daughters and one son. They have four granddaughters and one grandson.