Interstate 70 Traffic Restricted Today

A section of Interstate 70 in Belmont County will be restricted to one lane in each direction for three hours today while construction crews work on a bridge replacement project.

Shelly and Sands Inc. has been contracted to replace the span that carries Reservoir Road over Interstate 70 between exits 215 and 216. Work on the $1.3 million project began July 9 and has a completion date of Nov. 31.

Shelly and Sands Senior Bridge Engineer Bob Hunt said traffic will be reduced from two lanes to one lane in each direction for a three-hour period sometime between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. today. He was unable to provide a more specific time frame. Crews will be on the interstate working on the “false work,” or the temporary support structure that facilitated the installation of the new bridge deck.

Hunt said 400 cubic yards of concrete were poured into the false work on Sept. 22 to construct the new bridge deck. The false work will be stripped from the bridge deck sometime next week, he noted.

Crews also continue to work to connect either side of the bridge to the Reservoir Road pavement. Meanwhile, new lines will be painted on Reservoir Road and guardrails will be installed before the road is reopened to traffic.

When work on Reservoir Road is complete, crews will install a new median barrier on Interstate 70 and make necessary repairs to the asphalt, Hunt said.

About $800,000 worth of work had been completed as of Friday. Recent wet weather cost crews a day or two of work, but they have made those days up since and the project remains on schedule, according to Hunt.