Older Structures Razed To Make Way for Store

NEW MARTINSVILLE – Several structures between W.Va. 2 and the corner of Fourth Street and Russell Avenue in New Martinsville soon will be razed to make way for a new Rite Aid store, according to a representative with the national drug store chain.

Rite Aid Corp. spokesman Eric Harkreader confirmed the company is working with a local developer to eventually construct a stand-alone Rite Aid store at that location. He said providing workers don’t run into any unforeseen problems, they are scheduled to break ground for the new store sometime in the spring.

Crews have been busy removing trees, bushes and debris from the designated area. Last week, workers removed a double-wide trailer from the neighborhood for a man who would only say he bought the trailer to move to another local town.

Harkreader said when the drug store is completed, the Rite Aid store currently located along W.Va. 2 in New Martinsville near the middle school will be relocated. He said the employees of the current store will eventually move to the new store.

“It should be a seamless transition from the older store to the new one,” he added.

New Martinsville Building Inspector Joe Hanna said demolition should begin sometime within the next couple of weeks on all the structures that already are gutted and marked with yellow tape. He said everything on that corner is scheduled to be razed, with the exception of the old Wetzel County Hospital structure south of the Wetzel County EMS building.

Hanna said eventually the EMS structure will also be demolished once that office moves to a new location near the Office of Emergency Services, located on Benjamin Drive in New Martinsville. He said there are no plans for the current Rite Aid structure once the new one is constructed and opened.