Psychiatrist to Evaluate Alleged Dog Killer

Ohio County Circuit Judge James Mazzone on Tuesday ordered alleged dog killer Anthony Doyle to undergo psychiatric evaluation before moving forward in the case.

Doyle, 28, of Wheeling is charged with two counts of animal cruelty. He has remained lodged in the Northern Regional Jail in Moundsville in lieu of $25,000 bond since his arrest on Aug. 5.

At the request of Doyle’s attorney, Chris Scheetz, and without objection from the prosecution, Mazzone ordered Dr. Robert Rush to evaluate Doyle at the regional jail. No date has been set for the evaluation, and the order specifies only that Rush complete the evaluation at his earliest convenience.

In an interview with Dave Taylor of the Northern Panhandle Pre-trial Release Program, Doyle said he suffers from a “severe alcohol problem,” which began while he was serving in the Army. He also admitted to abusing drugs while enlisted, but said he no longer uses drugs.

Doyle said he has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and has been prescribed multiple drugs to treat it, the report states. He also reportedly suffered from severe depression when he returned from Iraq in 2004, which exacerbated his drinking problem.

According to Taylor’s report, Doyle said “that in every case where he was arrested, he was under the influence, including the date of the current charge.”

On the night of his most recent arrest, Doyle allegedly beat his former girlfriend’s 18-month-old Shih Tzu to death while alone with the dog at the woman’s home on Wheeling Island.

A neighbor told police she witnessed the crime. The woman reported that she heard a dog crying earlier that evening before she saw Doyle beating the animal on the back porch of a South Wabash Street residence.

About one hour later, the woman heard the dog crying again. She then saw Doyle “dive on the dog and punch it until it went limp,” the police report states. Doyle then dumped the dog’s body in a weeded area near the house, the witness told police.

Officers traveled to the scene of the alleged crime and found the deceased dog where the witness said Doyle had abandoned it. They also observed “blood spatter throughout the apartment,” the report states.

Police said Doyle appeared to be intoxicated.