Remainder of Pipeline Easement Money Will Be Placed in Contingency Fund

OHIO COUNTY – Ohio County Commissioner Randy Wharton said the county isn’t advertising it has money to give away, but it does receive funding requests from time to time.

During a recent meeting, Wharton and fellow Commissioners John Clarke and Tim McCormick approved giving $30,000 to the village of Bethlehem for a waterline project. The money was taken from $634,380 in proceeds the county received from the AMS company as payment for natural gas line easements on the county farm and airport properties.

Wharton said after he met with the village mayor, Garrett ”Rhett” Daniel, and learned about the project, he believed it would be a good use of extra money. The waterline will be a second, backup-type line for the village, which purchases water from the city of Wheeling.

”They only have one line and there was always a concern if there was an interruption in the city of Wheeling that line would take out the supply to the village,” he said. ”I and the commissioners felt it was a good project. They do a good job of getting the best possible price. This is the perfect use for that money – an infrastructure project.”

Wharton said the commissioners keep in touch with other town and village officials in the county about various projects. For example, Triadelphia recently was allowed to tap into the county’s new waterline system, saving the town from having to purchase a new water tower. And the commission also recently approved helping the Ohio County Public Service District pay for the cost of pipe for a waterline extension project in the Bear Rock Road area.

Wharton noted the remainder of the easement-related funds – $604,380 – likely would be placed in either the county’s contingency or capital improvement funds.

”It’s nice to have some cushion,” he added.