Village Welcomes First Female Police Officer

Jordan Winkleman made history when she was hired at the Barnesville Police Department as the village’s first female police officer.

Winkleman, a Pleasant City, Ohio, resident, has been training at the department for the past three months as a part-time, probationary member of the force. In three more months, it will be determined if she has completed her probationary period and will be eligible to be hired as a full-time officer.

“Everyone is receptive and excited about it,” Winkleman said. “So far it’s been really good. Everyone seems pretty excited about having a female police officer in town, especially little kids. Little girls like it. They’ll say, ‘Mommy, Mommy look it’s a girl!’ They’re pretty excited about it.

“Everyone has been real helpful,” she continued. “Everyone in town comes up to me and says hello. I like talking to people and getting to know them.”

Winkleman graduated from Meadowbrook High School in 2005 and Zane State College in 2009 with an associate’s degree in police science and corrections. She graduated from the Basic Police Academy at Zane State’s Willett-Pratt Training Center in 2011.

Police Chief David Norris said when he interviewed candidates for the open position, he could see Winkleman would be a “good fit” with the existing officers and the community.

“She hadn’t been in law enforcement for very long, but that was a good thing because we were able to train her with the way we do things here,” Norris said. “She’s taken off and done a great job. People seem to like her in the community, and kids in school respond to her very well. It came at a good time.”